Reveals Top 10 Cities Most Comfortable with PDA; Honolulu Tops the List

DALLAS, May 16, 2011/PRNewswire/ -- As the weather warms up, many singles are looking to turn up the heat on their love lives.  Today,, one of the country's most popular dating sites, unveils the cities most and least comfortable with public displays of affection on its official blog, The Spark.  

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The hot, beautiful city of Honolulu heats up the list, with more singles in America being comfortable showing their affection than any other city.  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania came in as the second city that likes to pucker up in public. On the opposite end of the spectrum, singles in Florida seem to have the largest aversion to showing the love, with singles in Ft. Meyers, West Palm Beach and Tampa being the least comfortable.  Despite being labeled "Sin City," Las Vegas is also one of the cities that prefers couples keep their affection out of sight.  

"PDA is more than just public passion; it is a highly visible social signal telling others who belongs to whom," says Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor to  "From my studies of the biology of personality, I have found that certain types of people are far more comfortable with public displays of affection--those whom I call Negotiators (expressive of the estrogen system in the brain) and Builders (expressive of serotonin).  Although very different in many ways, these two broad types of individuals are both socially skilled and community-oriented, both want authentic and socially-recognized partnerships, and both work hard to keep friends and include others in their lives.  What's interesting is that the cities most comfortable with PDA have a preponderance of these two types, Negotiators and Builders, who are individuals naturally predisposed to showing their affection."

The following list uncovers the Top 10 Cities Most Comfortable with PDA based on research from

1.  Honolulu, HI

2.  Pittsburgh, PA

3.  Lexington, KY

4.  Charleston, WV

5.  New York, NY

6.  Fresno, CA

7.  Waco, TX

8.  Cedar Rapids, IA

9.  Syracuse, NY

10. Des Moines, IA

The 10 cities least comfortable with PDA include:

91.  Reno, NV

92.  Las Vegas, NV

93.  Seattle, WA

94.  Orlando, FL

95.  Miami, FL

96.  Phoenix, AZ

97.  Denver, CO

98.  Tampa, FL

99.  West Palm Beach, FL

100. Ft. Meyers, FL

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