National Survey Finds Valentine's Day Role Reversal: Debunks Myths With Commentary by Dr. Helen Fisher

DALLAS, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ --


A national survey of members released today by, one of the fastest growing relationship sites, turns Valentine's Day stereotypes upside down. The survey revealed women are no longer the romantic drivers of the holiday; instead more men seek to hear declarations of love and receive sentimental gifts.


Other Valentine's Day myths debunked are:

    Myth:  Women want to hear "I love you" from their partners.
    Fact:  Of those surveyed, 55% of men want to hear "I love you" on
           Valentine's Day vs. 45% of women.

    Myth:  Chocolate dominates as top choice for a Valentine's Day gift.
    Fact:  Only one in ten survey participants selected chocolates as being 
           their favorite Valentine's Day gift.

    Myth:  Having your date dress up for Valentine's Day is more important to 
    Fact:  39% of men surveyed prefer to have their date in semi-dressy 
           evening wear while 34% of women surveyed prefer their date to be in
           jeans and a nice shirt.

    Myth:  The younger generation (20s and 30s) prefers eating out on
           Valentine's Day. 
    Fact:  43% of the younger generation says they prefer to stay in and cook 
           a special dinner together.

More importantly, the survey shows an understanding of your partner's personality type can help decipher the best way to reach your significant other's heart on Valentine's Day. Dr. Helen Fisher,'s Chief Science Advisor, has revolutionized the science of love by empowering daters to identify personality characteristics that place them in four categories:

  • "Explorers" are creative, daring, optimistic, energetic and curious.
  • "Builders" are pillars of society, traditional, cautious, loyal and patient.
  • "Directors" are analytical, direct, tough-minded, decisive and emotionally contained.
  • "Negotiators" are imaginative, broad-minded, agreeable and compassionate.

"People seek (and give) intimacy differently," said Dr. Fisher. "Builders, for example, are more likely to want to go to a familiar, cozy place while Explorers are the most eager to go dancing. But ultimately," Fisher goes on to say, "the survey results show what our brain scans studies have long illustrated: that men are just as romantic as women, and that both sexes are seeking commitment and true love."


Launched by in February 2006, was created to bring together singles that are looking for help in getting to know someone online so the first date feels like the second. Based on the research of renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, uses a proprietary test to get to know each individual and their ideal match. This approach makes the ideal place for singles to empower their love life and find the relationship that is right for each individual, whether it's marriage, romance, a partnership or a long-term commitment. is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI).

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